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About Power Quality Analysers & Energy Loggers

Thousands of companies, both big and small, waste energy where it isn't needed. This is quite often down to poor power quality; electrical systems ranging from simple to complex installations can be installed correctly, develop faults or run inefficiently without anyone knowing about it.

That's where the power quality analyser comes in; these high-grade testing instruments are made to document and flag up problems within electrical systems, allowing an organisation/professional to quantify where power is being lost and take appropriate action.

The power analyser is suited to a wide variety of applications - for basic power measurements a clamp meter with enabled power functionality is perfect for basic power measurements, but more complex electrical equipment will require high-end analysers designed for breaking down everything that's wrong with a high level of accuracy.

With one of these instruments at hand and attached to a system, it's possible to measure absolutely everything associated with power (functions depending on the model). As an example, power analysers can measure voltage, current, voltage/current waveform peak, active power, reactive power, power factor, phase angle, frequency, current integration, power integration, efficiency, loss, voltage/current ripple factor, harmonics, electrical noise and much more.

Some power analysers, include full energy loss calculators which put a financial figure on how much power you're losing and how much energy you're wasting. A tool like this is a perfect addition to a power professional's kit as the energy calculator makes it much easier to inform customers exactly how poor power quality is causing issues within a system.

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