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New to the electrical installation industry, or looking for a robust, easy-to-use and low cost unit for your tests? Megger's 1711 is an ideal starting point for any electrical installer, combining together all the basic tests you need with intuitive, lightweight and safe design.

The next generation, upgraded version of Megger's highly popular 1710 multifunction tester, the 1711 includes a number of new features designed to make electrical installation testing easier than ever before. You can still expect the same Megger quality you'd expect from previous models in the series, and that's exactly why countless installers trust Megger multifunction testers as their tool of choice every single day.

The Megger 1711 multifunction tester is suitable for use on domestic, commercial and industrial fixed wire low voltage installations in accordance with the requirements of BS7671.

Megger MFT1711 Multifunction Tester In UseWhat's New for the 1711?

As the new version of the 1710, the 1711 comes with a selection of brand new features for an entry-level electrical installation testing tool.

These include:

  • Expanded Insulation Resistance Test Voltage Range to 1kV (1000V) - in the past, the 1000V test voltage was only found on higher-end models in the series
  • Max Zs Display - testing final ring circuits? It's quick and easy thanks to the new, large-size Max Zs display on the Megger 1711. There's no need to write down Zs values as you check every socket on a ring; the 1711 will automatically identify and store the highest value you measure
  • True RMS Voltage Measurements - rest assured that your AC voltage measurements are as accurate as possible, even on irregular waveforms, thanks to true RMS included as standard
  • Automatic RCD Testing - take the hassle out of testing RCDs as the Megger 1711 will do it all for you complete with 10mA RCD and programmable (VAR) RCD compatibility. There's no need to press the test button - tests will start automatically when you apply probes to the circuit (this also works for continuity/loop testing)

Wide Range of Electrical Installation Testing Procedures

When you're using the Megger 1711 multifunction tester, you'll see just how much easier your electrical testing can truly become.

The 1711 gives you quick, easy access to all of your testing procedures via colour-coded rotary dials and dual testing buttons on either side of the MFT make it easy to activate a test, regardless of where you're working.

You can expect all of the following measurement procedures when using the MFT1711:

  • Continuity/Resistance - complete with 200mA range and automatic continuity test start
  • Insulation Resistance - including test voltage display, full protection against live circuits and selectable test voltages of 1kV (1000V), 500V and 250V
  • Earth Loop Impedance - 2-wire no trip test (L-PE), 3 wire no trip test (L-PE), 2 wire high current testing and the ability to display PSCC or PFC calculations alongside loop resistance for easier measurements. Also includes the Zmax value function
  • RCD - compatible with 10, 300, 300 and 500mA RCDs, as well as type A, AC, S and programmable RCDs. Can perform 1/2, I, I and 5 I tests plus includes automatic RCD tests, ramp tests, 0 and 180° phase angle and touch voltage display from 0 to 230V
  • Voltage Measurements - measure AC/DC voltage from 10V to 600V with true RMS accuracy on AC

Keeping You Safe When Testing

Accidents happen, so the Megger 1711 is made tough and the to the highest standards of safety. As an entry-level tool, having protection in place means the MFT1711 is ideal for new electrical installers who are still training or newly qualified, ensuring that you don't accidentally connect things up wrong or cause potential danger to yourself or others.

The MFT1711's safety features include:

  • Test Lock Out - the MFT1711 will block the test from going ahead if there's live voltage on a circuit when you're trying to measure insulation resistance
  • Safe Contact Detection - audible and visual warnings let you know when you've done something wrong
  • Automatic Discharge - the 1711 will discharge itself after testing, ensuring your safety at all times
  • Dust and Weatherproof Casing Rated to IP54 - use the MFT1711 confidently in all conditions
  • CAT IV 300V Safety Rating - work on any part of an installation without having to carry out risk assessments about the level of supply transients present

What's Included?

  • Megger MFT1711-BS Multifunction Tester
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Printed Quick Start Guide
  • Full User Guide on CD
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Megger Neck Strap
  • 3 Wire Lead Set with Probes + Clips
  • Mains Plug Test Lead (BS1363)

Megger MFT1700 Series Comparison Chart

There are three models in the Megger MFT1700 series; the entry-level MFT1711, the mid-range MFT1721 and the advanced MFT1731.

This table outlines the difference between each product in the series.

Model Number MFT1711 MFT1721 MFT1731
Insulation Testing
100V Test Voltage -
250, 500V Test Voltage
1000V Test Voltage
Test Voltage Display
Adjustable Buzzer Threshold -
Continuity and Resistance Testing      
200mA Test
15mA Test -
Adjustable Buzzer Threshold
Loop Testing      
2 and 3 Wire Non-Tripping; L-PE (50V to 280V)
2 Wire High Current; L-N (50V to 280V)
2 Wire Phase to Phase; L-L (50V to 500V) -
PSCC and PFC (20kA Max)
Max Zs Display
R1 + R2 Display - -
Touch Voltage Display on Faulty Earth
Earth Electrode Test      
2 and 3 Pole (Requires Optional Accessory) - -
3 Pole Art and Stakeless Method (Requires Optional Accessory) - -
RCD Tests      
1/2, 1, 5 x I and Ramp
Auto RCD Tests v
Type AC, A and S RCD Compatibility
Type B (Pure DC) RCD Compatibility -
Programmable RCD Compatibility
3-Phase RCD (No Earth) Compatibility -
30, 100, 300 and 500mA RCD Compatibility
10mA and 1000mA RCD Compatibility 10mA only
Additional Features      
Supply Measurements
True RMS
Leakage Current Measurements (Requires Optional Accessory) -
Phase Rotation -
Calibration Certificate Included
Rechargeable Batteries (with Charger Included) - -
SP5 Switched Probe Included -
Warranty Upgradeable to 3 Years (FREE)
On-Board Memory with Bluetooth Download - -
CAT IV 300V / CAT III 600V
Hard Moulded Case -
Soft Pouch with Additional Storage - -


There are a number of additional accessories available for the Megger MFT1711-BS Multifunction Tester; please see the table below for details. For further information please contact our sales team prior to purchase. 

Our Stock Code Megger's Part Number  Product
1006-408 1006-408 Test & Carry Pouch MFT1700 Series
1005-135 1005-135 Unfused Lead Set Si Red/Blue/Green
ICLAMP 1001-012 ICLAMP Current Clamp
VCLAMP 1001-013 VCLAMP Voltage Clamp
1010-518 1010-518 MVC1010 Voltage Clamp
1010-516 1010-516 MCC1010 Current Clamp
1011-275 1011-275 MCC1010 Lead Accessory
1011-274 1011-274 MVC1010 Lead Accessory
2007-998 2007-998 XTL50 Extended Test Lead (50 m)
2007-997 2007-997 XTL30 Extended Test Lead (30 m)
2001-649 1004-319 Blow Moulded Case MFT17/1800   
MEGMTA4 1004-326 Instrument/Document carry case
MEGLOA20 1004-183 DC Car Charger 2.5mm Pin
1007-003 1007-003 Case Catch - Pack of 10  
1002-735 1002-735 Battery NiMH (X6) - MFT17/18
1007-463 1007-463 MFT Carry Case - Large
1001-975 1001-975B Fused LeadSet B,R,G F10A 50kAb (Boxed)
1001-977 1001-977B Fused Lead Set Red Green F10A 50kA (Boxed)
MEGMTA1 1001-991B Unfused Lead R/G/B, R/B LgTip (Boxed)
MEGITA1 1002-001B Unfused Lead Set, Red/Black (Boxed)
MEGRCDA4 1002-015B Fused Lead Set, Red/Black (Boxed)
1002-490 1002-490B Prod & Clip Set- MFT/LOOP Boxed
1001-976 1003-132B Unfused Lead Set Red, Green (Boxed)
6220-810 1004-323B SIA10 Interface Adaptor UK 3-Lead(Boxed)
1002-774 1007-157B SP5 Remote Switched Probe (Boxed)
2001-509 1007-161B Carry Strap MFT17/18 Accessory
MEGSW1 1000-631 Megger Powersuite Lite - 17th Edition and PAT Certification Software
MTB7671 1002-224 MTB7671/2 Megger Test Box
Please note that the accessories listed above and the datasheets attached are subject to change. Both were correct at the time of publication.



Megger MFT1711, MFT1721 and MFT1731 Technical Specifications

Please be aware that not all features are available for every model. If a feature is not included on a model, there will be a note next to each section.

Insulation Tests  
Output Voltage -0 to +20% at rated load or less
Voltage Display ±3% ±3 digits ±0.5% of rated voltage
Short Circuit Current 1.5mA nominal test current
Test Current on Load 1mA at min pass values of insulation
Insulation Accuracy  
1000V 10kΩ to 999MΩ (±3% ± 2 digits)
500V 10kΩ to 500MΩ (±3% ± 2 digits)
>500MΩ (±10% ± 4 digits)
250V 10kΩ to 250Ω (±3% ± 2 digits)
>250MΩ (±10% ± 4 digits)
100V 10kΩ to 100MΩ (±3% ± 2 digits)
>100MΩ (±10% ± 4 digits)
Resistance and Continuity  
Range and Accuracy 0.01 to 99.9Ω (±2% ± 2 digits)
100 to 99.9kΩ (±5% ± 2 digits)
Open Circuit Voltage 5V ± 1V
Test Current (0 to 2Ω) 205mA ±5mA
15mA ±5mA (user selectable)
Loop Test  
Live to Earth/Neutral Supply 48 to 280V (45 to 65Hz)
Live to Live Supply (Not Available on MFT1711) 48 to 500V (45 to 65Hz)
L-N/L-L Tests ±5% ±5 digits
L-E Tests 0.1 to 39.9Ω (±5% ±5 digits ± noise margin)
40Ω to 1000Ω (±10% ± 5 digits)
Display Range 0.01 to 1000Ω
Live to Earth PFC Range 20kA
Live to Live PSCC Range 20kA
RCD Tests  
Supply up to 100mA 48 to 480V (45 to 65Hz)
Supply up to 1A 48V to 280V
RCD Type Type AC, A and S
No-Trip Test (1/2xI) -10 to -0%
Trip Test (1xI, 2xI and 5xI) +0 to +10%
Ramp Test Touch Voltage (0 to 253V) ±5% +15% ±0.5V
Trip Time ±1% ±1ms
Trip Current ±5%
Step Increments  
VAR (Variable RCD Selection)  
10mA to 50mA 1mA steps
50mA to 500mA 5mA steps
500mA to 1000mA 10mA steps
Supply Measurement  
Voltage 10V to 600V (15 to 400Hz) True RMS
Voltage Accuracy ±3% ±1V ±2 digits
Phase Rotation Indication L1-L2-L3 and L1-L3-L2
Frequency 15Hz to 99Hz (±0.5% ±1 digit)
Frequency Resolution 0.1Hz
Power Supply  
MFT1711 and MFT1721 IEC LR6 type AA alkaline batteries
MFT1731 1.2V NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
Mains charger for on-board recharging (4 hours typical)
12V optional car charger available
Earth/Ground Test (MFT1731 Only)  
Resolution 0.01Ω
Current 0.45mA or 4.5mA
Noise Rejection 20V pk/pk (7V rms)
Max Probe Resistance (Rp and RC) 100kΩ @ 50V
5kΩ at 25V
2 and 3 Pole Method 0.01 to 1.999kΩ (±2.0% ± 3 digits)
ART method (1.00Ω to 1.999kΩ) with accuracy of ±5.0% ± 3 digits
Stakeless Method 1.00 to 199Ω (±7.0% ± 3 digits)
Current (Via Optional Clamp Meter)  
Range 0.1mA to 200A AC (5.0% ± 3 digits)
Resolution 0.1mA
MV Sensor Input (MFT1721 and MFT1731)  
Including Temperature 0.0mV to ±199.9mV DC (±1.0% ± 2 digits)
Resolution 0.1mV
Data Storage (MFT1731 Only)  
Capacity 1000 results
Communication Bluetooth
IEC 61010-1: 2010
IEC 61010-30: 2010
IEC 61010-031: 2008
600V CAT III / CAT IV 300V (Max phase to phase 600V)
IEC 61557: 2007 parts 1 to 10
EMC IEC61326 edition 2 location class B
Operating Temperature Range and Humidity -10 to +55°C (90% RH at +40°C max)
Storage Temperature Range and Humidity -25 to +70°C
Maximum Altitude 2000m
Weight (Instrument and Case) 1kg (with batteries)
Dimensions (Instrument and Case) - MFT1711 and MFT1721 150mm x 85 x 235mm (H x W x D)
Dimensions (Instrument and Case) - MFT1731 220 x 390 x 285mm (H x W x D)
IP Rating IP54
Calibration Temperature +20°C
Temperature Coefficient <0.1% per °C
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