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About Earth Loop Testers

Measuring the earth loop is vital for maintaining both the efficiency of electrical systems and for reducing the risk of electrical fires/shocks taking place due to a short circuit caused by incorrect earthing of a system.

Without regular loop testing, the overall integrity of an electrical system could be compromised. Electricians need to have the tools necessary to carry out earth fault loop impedance testing, as an incorrectly installed loop could be the difference between a safe system and a dangerous one. Earth loop testers are designed to find the exact path of earth loop impedance through a system, allowing users to determine whether the path taken by the impedance is sufficient enough to trip a protective measure installed upon that electrical system before problems arise.

The basic rule for earth loop testers is that the lower the loop impedance, the greater the overall fault current is, and the more quickly the circuit is disconnected during a fault. It is therefore important that users utilise earth loop testers to determine the fault current value and the overall path of the loop, ensuring that the protective measure trips out the circuit quickly and efficiently. offers a wide range of earth loop testers, including Chauvin Arnoux loop testing equipment, Kewtech earth testers, Martindale loop testers, Megger earth loop testers, Metrel earth loop testers, and Socket and See digital loop testers. Our products comply with the latest 18th-edition rules and regulations and come from some of the world's top suppliers of earth loop testers.

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