PAT Testing Software (13 Products)

About PAT Testing Software

PAT testing software can be used to improve the speed and usability of all downloadable PAT testers, and often includes improved tools to help manage your business.

Software which works alongside downloadable PAT testers is a great help to PAT technicians and ensures they can produce results in a simple format very quickly. It also allows you to transfer test data in a fast, organised way.

The software you choose will depend on which model PAT tester you own, but when looking for software, ensure you choose one made by the same manufacturer as your PAT tester. By doing this there is no danger of any incompatibility issues and you can be certain you haven’t wasted your money.

Most PAT software packages allow professional reports to be created, meaning you will be able to give your clients professional PAT reports without hassle and cost.

This, of course, will increase your good reputation and encourage repeat business and recommendations. 

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