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Metrel MI2077 TeraOhm 5kV Insulation Tester

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Insulation testing is a vital part in maintaining and repairing electrical goods.  This testing becomes even more important when working with high voltages.

When performing high insulation measurements the MI2077 Has a wide range of options available for testing with.  This tester can measure up to 5 TΩ (Teraohms) on a timer that can be set between one second and thirty minutes. Also capable of capacitance measurements up to 50 µF and DC test voltages between 250 to 5000V in steps of as little as 50V. The Metrel MI2077 is a versatile and adaptable way to test the insulating properties of any system.

This tester can withstand voltages up to 5500V which is very useful while performing current leakage measurements. While performing these tests a ramped mode can be used to gradually raise the voltage up to a selected value. This will apply electrical pressure to the substance being checked and will show any potential weaknesses. These tests are performed at preset threshold test currents of between 1mA to 1.4mA.

The Metrel MI 2077 is built for safety too with automatic discharge of capacitive loads and a guard terminal to eliminate surface leakage current. Keeping with the very highest safety standards the MI2077 meets the following standards : IEC/EN 61557-2, (EMC) EN 61326 Class B, EN 61010-1 (instruments) and EN 61010-031 (accessories).

Metrel MI 2077 High Voltage Insulation Tester Key Features

  • Real time clock and in-built timer
  • Built in countermeasures to protect against effects of surface leakage current
  • Three safety banana sockets
  • Pre-set DC test voltages 250V ÷ 5000V in steps of 50V
  • Automated testing: PI, DD, DAR calculations with automated resistance ranging
  • All data is displayed during one single measurement
  • Fault Finding: fully programmable Step-Voltage and Withstanding Voltage test functions to assist in diagnosing faults in insulation
  • Portable: lightweight 2.1 kg design with carrier bag and neck strap
  • Memory: stores up to 1000 results with Date and Time stamp

What's Included?

  • Metrel MI2077 5 kV Insulation tester
  • Test lead: black, 2m
  • Test lead: red, 2m
  • Test lead: green (with alligator clip), 2m
  • Test tip: black
  • Test tip: red
  • Alligator clips black: 2 pcs
  • Mains cable
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Instruction manual
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Product verification data
  • Download Software
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Metrel MI2077 Technical Specifications

Measuring Range 0.01MΩ to 5TΩ ±(5% of r. + 3 dig)
Test Voltage Ranges (DC) 250V to 5000V in Steps by 50V
±3% of r. + 3V)
Bar Graph Trend 0 to 1TΩ
Withstanding Test Voltage 0 to 5500V ±(3% of r + 40v)
Leakage Current Range 0 to 1.4mA ± (3% of r + 3 dig)
Voltage AC/DC Range 0 to 600V ±(3% of r + 3V)
Capacitance Range 0 to 50mF ±(5% of r + 2 dig)
Polarisation Index (PI) Range 0 to 99.9 ±(5% of r + 2 dig)
Dielectric Discharge Test Range 0 to 99.9 ±(5% of r + 2 dig)
Dielectric Absorption Ratio Range 0 to 99.9 ±(5% of r + 2 dig)
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