Cable Locators & Fuse Finders

About Cable Locators & Fuse Finders

Since many wiring, piping and other installations are often located underground, in walls, ceilings or other hard-to-reach areas, cable and circuit locators are a must have for any practising engineer, particularly if you’re working in an area you’re not familiar with.

Cable locators are extremely useful pieces of testing equipment that allow you to tell  without digging up entire roads, destroying walls or ceilings.  Many cable locators emit audible alarms when cables are present, and many can find cables through several feet of materials such as concrete!  

They’re also extremely easy to use. Simply sweep a cable locator over an area to test whether there are any cables present; the device will then pick up on electromagnetic signals emitted by cables and will clearly show you where the cable is. Many cable locators even boast the ability to tell you how far down the cable is actually buried.

We also stock a range of fuse finding equipment on Tester. The Fuse Finder is a must have tool for electricians, with the ability to identify and trace circuits. Consisting of a transmitter and receiver, firstly the transmitter connects to the circuit through the mains lead or fused test lead set then, once powered from the supply, the fuse finder receiver can trace the signal and identify the circuit even on a busy fuse board. Many include a sensitivity adjustment feature, increasing the accuracy and reliability of the devices.

If you ever need any accessories including A-frame Kits, spare batteries and more, we also have an ever-expanding range of cable and circuit location accessories available in store.

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