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About PAT Testers

Whether you're brand new to the field of PAT testing or a seasoned professional, can help you with all of your portable appliance testing needs!

With all of the latest and most popular models in stock from leading manufacturers including Seaward, Megger, Fluke, and many others, our extensive range of PAT testers caters to every level of user and your budget.

PAT testers are generally classified into four types:

  • PASS/FAIL PAT Checkers - Ideal for beginners, these testers simply perform the bare minimum to ensure electrical safety. They do not display full testing results and instead show a PASS/FAIL indication using LED lights or another similar indicator.
  • Basic PAT Testers - Display full testing results alongside a PASS/FAIL reading. Slightly more advanced than PAT checkers but also extremely easy to use and suited for beginner users.
  • Mid-Range PAT Testers - Most suited for use by medium-sized companies with several hundred appliances to test. These testers display full results and come with additional functions such as more testing procedures, limited internal memory, and more.
  • Professional PAT Testers - Boasting downloadable memory, all of the testing functions you'll need, and special testing capabilities, these testers are the best option for larger companies or special environments such as construction sites.

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