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Kane GLD/450 Plus Gas Leak Detector

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An accompanying device made for use with Kane's 450 flue gas analyser, the GLD/450 Plus is used to detect any combustible hydrocarbon gas in concentrations above 100ppm.

Featuring a flexible shaft for bending into difficult applications, the GLD/450 is easy to use and can be used in absolutely any combustible gas applications. The tester auto zeroes itself when it is switched on in order to maintain measurement accuracy and uses LED indicators and an audible tone to show that gas has been detected.

This tester is most suited for detecting methane and propane but can be used with other combustible gasses as well.

Kane GLD/450 Plus Gas Leak Detector Key Features

  • Made for use with Kane 450 flue gas analyser
  • Detects any combustible hydrocarbon gas (such as methane and propane) in concentrations above 100ppm
  • Auto zeroing when powered on
  • Green LED indicator shows battery status
  • Red LED indicator and audible tone when gas is detected

Full List of Products Included

  • Kane GLD/450 Plus Gas Leak Detector
  • 2 x AA Batteries
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