Data Logging Thermometers (122 Products)

About Data Logging Thermometers

A data logging thermometer is a fantastic solution for measuring temperature, and is particularly suited for industries where regular heat analysis is an important factor.

But what is data logging, and why is at any different from conventional metering methods? Quite simply, a data logging thermometer takes the hassle of measuring temperatures out of human hands and instead logs temperature regularly by itself! Many data logging thermometers are wall-mountable, user-programmable devices that regularly test how hot or cold an area is. Many data loggers also have in-built alarms that warn of sudden spikes or drops outside of normal (as defined by the user) temperatures.

Data logger thermometers are most ideally suited for use within the food production and storage industry, where sudden temperature changes can have a disastrous effect on food or other stored substances.  For example, imagine a supermarket freezer suddenly experiences a drop in temperature. An installed data logging thermometer would ensure that this sudden drop was noticed straight away, saving the supermarket money before food in storage gets ruined.

They are also extremely useful in environments which rapidly get hot, as extremely high temperatures can be hazardous to the health of those working there.  By installing one of these products these potentially dangerous incidents can be avoided, as you’ll always know exactly what temperature you’re working at.

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