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About CO2 / Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Excessive concentration of carbon dioxide can be harmful to humans; use these detectors to make sure you know about carbon dioxide concentration before it becomes a problem.

Even at a concentration of just 1000ppm carbon dioxide can affect concentration and impair a person's efficiency - as the concentration increases, so too does the risk of becoming damaged by carbon dioxide (CO2). At a high level of 100000ppm you can expect to be knocked unconscious and can quite easily suffocate in the large amount of gas.

Of course, such a large dose of CO2 will be rare. In reality most CO2 concentration will be at 1000-5000ppm (5000ppm is the international safety limit), while spikes can be possible because of various contributing factors. With our range of CO2 detectors it is possible to detect when these spikes occur and the user can move away and isolate the affected area before carbon dioxide concentration begins to affect those within it.

Many commercial environments, such as offices, greenhouses and industrial areas use carbon dioxide testers to ensure that those within the area are working with a comfortable level of ventilation and aren't affected by too much carbon dioxide. These detectors are also commonly used by professional gas engineers and other professional users as a handheld tool to detect CO2 presence in dangerous environments.

Depending on the model in question the overall range of the CO2 will be different. More expensive options generally have the best range, while lower priced devices have a smaller range and are thus better suited for less dangerous environments.

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