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About Live Line Testers

High voltage testers includes live line testing, which involves the testing of high voltage overhead AC lines and switchgear with an insulated pole attached to an indicator. The indicator can be either analogue or digital with and with audible and visual indicators of voltage presence. Live line testers are mainly used by the rail and utility industries around the world and each have their own standards.

The main manufacturers of these poles are companies such as Seaward, HVI, Metrohm and Edgcumbe in the UK. The length of the poles generally depends upon the voltage under test and they generally come in rated voltages such as 11kV, (33Kv more commonly) but can also be up to 132Kv or as high as 200Kv. The poles are usually made of composite material and there are also foam filled types.

The poles should be checked annually for damage and cleaned with a polymer cleaning kit. They should obviously not be used in wet or damp conditions as this could affect the insulation properties of the rods.

This category also contains various live line proving units which are designed to be used in combination with live line equipment to verify that they are safe for use both before and after carrying out testing procedures. We also stock a range of accessories and indicators designed for use in high voltage situations or for extending the capabilities of the live line testers available in store.

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