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Kern IKT Touchscreen Industrial Platform Scales w/ Choice of Model


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Note: there are several versions of this product available. Using the table below for reference, choose a product using the dropdown box above.

Kern's IKT scale are premium-grade, industrial quality touchscreen platform scales with a huge range of functions.

Ideal for laboratories and other high precision environments, the Kern IKT's touchscreen allows the scales to be operated even when wearing gloves, makes it easier to scroll through and configure functiobns and presents results clearly and accurately.

These scales come with several useful functions, including a convenient recipe weighing function (store 99 recipes, with 10 ingredients in each), a multiplier function, sum calculations, percentage deviations calculations, RS232 interface for connection to PC and much more!

To ensure accuracy these scales will also automatically filter out vibrations.

Kern IKT Touchscreen Industrial Platform Scales Key Features

  • High contrast, backlit, touch-sensitive display for easy operation and convenient reading
  • Easy entering of text and values - store up to 80 item descriptions, user names, weights of tare containers and more
  • 80 memory records for each mode
  • Professional counting function - all relevant counting information at a glance, including reference weight, reference quantity, total count and more
  • Recipe weighing function - store 99 recipes each with 10 components
  • Multiplier function - recipes where the ingredients have been recorded as a percentage can easily be multiplied
  • Rapid response times for quick measuring
  • Optocoupler and digital I/O control outputs for attaching relays, signal lamps, valves and other items
  • RS232 interface
  • Sum function calculates the total weight of multiple objects
  • Percentage deviation function - calculate the difference from a target value of 100%
  • Unit switching
  • Tolerance weighing (checkweighing) function
  • Vibration-free weighing - automatically filters out vibrations to ensure a stable reading
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty

Model Variations

The weighing plate supplied with this product varies depending on the version selected. The following options are possible:

  • A - 228 x 228 x 70mm
  • B - 318 x 308 x 75mm
  • C - 450 x 350 x 115mm
  • D - 650 x 500 x 142mm

This table outlines the specific differences between each model.

Model Weighing Range
Weighing Plate
IKT 6K0.1 6 0.1 B
IKT 30K0.5 30 0.5 B
IKT 60K1L 60 1 C
IKT 150K2XL 150 2 D
IKT 300K5XL 300 5 D
IKT 3K0.01S 3 0.01 A
IKT 8K0.05 8 0.05 B
IKT 10K0.1S 10 0.1 A
IKT 16K0.1 16 0.1 B
IKT 30K0.1 30 0.1 B
IKT 30K0.1L 30 0.1 C
IKT 36K0.2L 36 0.2 C
IKT 60K0.2L 60 0.2 C
IKT 65K0.5L 65 0.5 C
IKT 100K0.5L 100 0.5 C
IKT 150K1L 150 1 C
IKT 6K1M 6 1 B
IKT 12K2M 12 2 B
IKT 60K10LM 60 10 C
IKT 12020LM 120 20 C
Part CodeIKT 6K0.1
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