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Extech EX623 Dual Input AC/DC Clamp Meter

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The best overall model available in Extech's EX600 range of clamp meters, this tester is literally packed full of measurement capabilities and is a great tool for any practising contractor.

Capable of measuring both AC/DC current to 400A via the use of its large 1.25" (32mm) jaws, the EX623 is suitable for use in clamping onto conductors up to 500MCM in size. In addition to current measurements it can also carry out a selection of functions commonly found on digital multimeters; these are AC/DC voltage measurements to 600A, resistance to 40MΩ, capacitance to 40000μF, frequency to 40Mhz and type K temperature measurements to 1832°F (1000°C). It can also be used to carry out diode testing and duty cycle.

As well as general measurement functions the EX623 also includes the ability to detect the presence of voltage by holding the tester near to a voltage point. When voltages are detected an LED light indicator will light up on the device, enabling users to quickly determine the presence of voltage without the need to use other equipment.

The EX623 also comes with the ability to carry out temperature measurements via the use of an IR laser pointer. Simply shine this laser onto a surface and the device can evaluate surface temperature safely without contact between a range of -58 and 518°F (-50 to 270°C).

This product is CAT III 600V safety rated.

Extech EX623 Dual Input AC/DC Clamp Meter Key Features

  • True RMS AC voltage and current measurements
  • Dual type K thermocouple inputs
  • Built-in non contact voltage detector
  • DC μA function for HVAC flame rod current measurement
  • Data hold function
  • Peak hold function
  • 40000 count screen
  • Measures resistance
  • Measures capacitance
  • Frequency
  • Type K and IR temparuture measurements
  • IR laser pointer
  • 1.25" (32mm) jaws
  • Rugged double moulded housing
  • Auto power off with audible alert and disable function
  • Autoranging with manual override
  • DC current function

Full List of Products Included

  • Extech EX623 Dual Input AC/DC Clamp Meter
  • Double Moulded Test Leads
  • 9V Battery
  • 2 x General Purpose Type K Bead Wire Probes
  • Carrying Case
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Part CodeEX623

Extech EX623 Technical Specifications

Temperature (IR) -58 to 518°F (-50 to 270°C)
AC Current 400A
DC Current 400A
Max Resolution 10mA
Basic ACA Accuracy ±1.5%
AC/DC Voltage (Max Resolution) 600V (0.1mV)/600V (0.01mV)
DC μA Current 4000μA (0.01μA)
Resistance (Max Resolution) 40.000MΩ (0.01Ω)
Capacitance (Max Resolution) 10pF to 40,000μF (0.01nF)
Frequency (Max Resolution) 40MHz (0.001Hz)
Temperature (Type K) -58 to 1832°F (-50 to 1000°C)
Diode Test < 2.8V
Duty Cycle 0.5 to 99.0%
Dimensions 9x3.1x1.9" (229x80x49mm)
Weight 10.7oz (303g)
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