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Chauvin Arnoux CA401 Ammeter Analogue

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The sturdy Chauvin Arnoux CA401 Ammeter Analogue is ideal for taking simple and accurate measurements of AC and DC currents. In AC mode, the analogue ammeter operates in seven isolated current ranges, which vary from 10mA to 10A. It offers an accuracy of +/- 2.5%, outperforming many AC ammeters. As a DC ammeter, the device measures across eleven ranges, from 11μA to 10A, with precision of +/- 2%. 

One great advantage of the Chauvin Arnoux CA401 Ammeter Analogue is that it is highly safe, making it possible even for use in classroom and laboratories. The device has dual insulation and utilizes an interface of sockets designed for safety. Just a single switch is needed to manipulate the device, allowing you to choose a suitable usage range. With an operating range of 45Hz to 400Hz, frequency response is suitable for a variety of current applications. A dual-scale display shows measured results with simplicity and precision, particularly if the appropriate current range is selected.

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