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Chauvin Arnoux CA402 Voltmeter Analogue

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The Chauvin Arnoux CA402 Voltmeter Analogue is an extremely simple and easy-to-use voltmeter that is specifically designed to be an ideal piece of training equipment.

The CA402 is a magneto-electric mechanism that uses a rectifier. It can operate with 8 direct current ranges from 100mV to 1000V, as well as six alternating current ranges from 3V to 1000V. The Chauvin Arnoux CA402 Voltmeter Analogue also has an internal resistance of 20k ohms/voltage at direct current and 6.32k ohms/voltage at an alternating current. This voltmeter is extremely easy to use as it has single switch dial that is clearly labelled and simple to operate.

In terms of accuracy, this voltmeter gives precision with both direct and alternating current. Accuracy levels with direct current levels are 1.5% and alternating current are at 2.5%.

Chauvin Arnoux prioritises the design of extremely safe and ergonomic devices and the Chauvin Arnoux CA402 Voltmeter Analogue is in fitting with this theme. It has been constructed with safety sockets to provide maximum safety when connecting and disconnecting from this device. The casing on the CA402 has been manufactured to provide maximum safety to the user thanks to the dual insulation.

This voltmeter is especially portable and durable, meaning it can be carried to and from an area with extreme ease. This means that training can be superbly versatile as the device can go wherever you go. Storing the Chauvin Arnoux CA402 Voltmeter Analogue is equally as simple thanks to the sleek and compact design.

The Chauvin Arnoux CA402 Voltmeter Analogue comes with an analogue display that is fantastically easy to read. It uses two black scales that display the voltage range from 0 to 30, and 0 to 100. In addition to this, there is a single red scale that is used for the 3V alternating current range. 

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