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Chauvin Arnoux MX135 Ammeter


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With the Chauvin Arnoux MX135 Ammeter, several HRC (high rupturing capacity) fuses ensure that everything is protected every time you switch it on and take a measurement.

The casing of the MX135 has also been very well designed by Chauvin Arnoux, who has made sure that the exterior is completely resistant to even high levels of physical impact. It also makes sure that no contaminants or anything unwanted manages to infiltrate its way into the system.

Unlike a lot of other ammeters on the market, this particular one from Chauvin Arnoux can be used completely compatible with both AC and DC. DC has a range of 50µA to 10A (7) and AC has a range of 500µA to 10A (6). It can also be used to measure and deal with levels of current, a tool that will always prove useful in the field. 

The bandwidth range of the MX135 is also rather impressive and again very useful for being used in a number of different situations – 16Hz up to 1kHz. In order to ensure that you have completely peace of mind about the safety of yourself and your team when you are using this product, it comes with a standard ingress protection rating of IP65.

Another thing that Chauvin Arnoux has concentrated on is the dimensions and weight of this product. As soon as you open the box you will notice that it is compact, with dimensions of 155 x 99 x 40 millimetre for this type of equipment, and it weighs 350g.

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