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Grounding Reel (15m) - 100A Clamp Rating

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This cable reel is used to safely ground hazardous systems, ensuring that build-up of static electricity is safely dissipated.

Made of heavy duty mild steel for use in a wide variety of environments, this cable reel also includes a built-in 100A clamp that is used to securely attach a high voltage system to the ground, thus reducing the risk of electrocution, sparking and even explosions because of static electricity ramping up as the system is operated.

The cable supplied with this reel is 15m and is supplied inside a reel for ease of use. It can be easily retracted into the reel thanks to full automatic spring rewind and comes with a factory sealed spring cassette.

15m Grounding Reel Key Features

  • Ground equipment to ensure that hazardous static electricity is safely discharged
  • 15m cable constructed from heavy duty mild steel
  • Automatically rewind cable into reel using spring rewind
  • Ideal for vehicle or permanent service applications
  • 100A clamp included

Cable Reel Comparison

In addition to this item we also stock a selection of other cable reels made for this application.

Use this table to easily compare the functionality of each available reel.

 Product Code    Cable Specifications   Cable Length   Clamp Rating  Resistance   Weight   Height (H)   Width (W)   Depth (D)
 15m Grounding 
Single 7 x 7 Stranded
Steel Cable
15m 100A 5kg 224mm 85mm 219mm
 15m Earthing Reel  Sinle 7 x 7 Stranded
Steel Cable
(Nylon Coated)
15m 100A 5kg 224mm 85mm 219mm
Static Discharge Reel  Single 7 x 7 Stranded
Steel Cable
30m 100A 7kg 248mm 110mm 235mm
100A Earthing Reel 9.2m Single, Splits to
Dual 4.6m
Inc 2 x 100A Clamps
15m 100A 5kg 224mm 85mm 219
Part CodeHG3050
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