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T&R 200A-3PH mk2 Three Phase Secondary Current Injection Test Set

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The 200A-3PH is a 3 phase secondary current injector suitable for outputting current from 0-200A for each phase, allowing protective equipment to be tested.

With this product, engineers can easily check the correct installation of over and under current relays, IDMT relays, auto-reclosers, time delayed relays, earth fault relays, miniature circuit breakers, power relays, tripping relays and thermal relays.

This product includes datalogging functionality – plug the included USB key into the USB port and you can store time/date stamped data and a user-defined comment (which can be entered using the included keyboard). This information can then be viewed directly on the control unit’s display or you can plug the USB key into a PC to view it on there.

Concerned about safety? So are T & R – they’ve built the 200A-3PH with electronic overcurrent and duty cycle trips on the outputs, thermal monitoring on power components and fuses on the input and regulator. It also has an earth terminal for direct connection to local earth.

T & R 200A-3PH mk2 Three Phase Secondary Current Injection Test Set Key Features

  • Easy to understand user interface
  • 3 phase current output
  • Output of 0 to 200A per phase
  • True RMS digital metering
  • Multifunctional timing system
  • Auxiliary metering input
  • Large size backlit LCD display
  • Thermal and overcurrent protection
  • Compact, portable design for easy transportation
  • 115-440V 3 wire supply with optional supply transformer

What’s Included?

  • T & R 200-3PH mk2 Three Phase Current Injector
  • Operating Manual
  • Output Lead Set
  • Mains Lead
  • Spare Fuse Set
  • USB Memory Key
  • USB Keyboard

Optional Accessories

For more information on these, see the attached datasheet.

  • Delta-Star Supply Transformer
  • Printer
  • T & R Link Lead
Part Code234

T & R 200A-3PH Technical Specifications

Main Output   
Range Continuous 5 Minutes 1 Minute
0 to 5V 50A 100A 200A
Range Resolution Trip Current Accuracy
20.00A 0.01A 21.0A ±0.6% rdg + 5d
50.00A 0.01A 52.5A ±0.6% rdg + 5d
100.00A 0.1A 105.0A ±0.6% rdg + 5d
200.00A 0.1A 210.0A ±0.6% rdg + 5d
Auxiliary Metering Inputs  
Setting Range Resolution Accuracy
Voltage (AC) 300V 0.1V ±0.7% rdg + 5d
Amps (AC) 10.000A 1mA ±0.7% rdg + 5d
Phase ±180° 0.1° ±3°
Frequency 40 to 100Hz 0.01Hz ±0.2% rdg + 1d

Further specs available in attached datasheet.

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