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Testo 330i Flue Analyser Set 3 (H2-Compensated CO, O2 & NO Sensors)

Testo 330i Flue Analyser Set 3 (H2-Compensated CO, O2 & NO Sensors)
sku: 0563300072
MPN: 0563 3000 72

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  • The top-of-the-range model in the 330i series
  • Bluetooth wireless communication to your smartphone or tablet
  • Unique design - use completely hands-free with the include FixMount system

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Testo 330i Flue Analyser Set 3 (H2-Compensated CO, O2 & NO Sensors) Details

Important Note on Orders of the Testo 330i - please note that Testo 330i flue analysers are made-to-order with a lead time once the order is placed.

Once an order is placed, the order cannot be cancelled or returned unless the unit is found to be faulty.

This is the most comprehensive version of the Testo 330i flue gas analyser available. This is the only model in the series which includes H2-compensated CO (carbon monoxide), O2 (oxygen) and NO (nitric oxide) sensors as standard.

Flue gas analysis just got smarter - this is the Testo 330i, a uniquely designed, Bluetooth-enabled, powerful multifunctional analyser designed to make testing easier than ever before.

The Testo 330i does away with the old LCD screen you'll find on many flue analysers completely. Instead, this analyser interfaces directly with your smartphone or tablet running the free app, sending all measurement data wirelessly via Bluetooth! With the app, you can chart all measurement in real-time as digital values or an on a graph, create reports directly from your phone or tablet and even send emails to your colleagues, all while working in the field.

This flue gas analyser also includes an industry-first; a uniquely designed attachment system designed to allow you to use the analyser hands-free! To use, simply install the include Testo FixMount into whatever you're testing, clamp the analyser around the mount using the built-in clamp system and insert your probe. The entire kit will remain fixed in place, with the probe held entirely still by the mount. Once done, use your phone or tablet to configure settings and view your results from a distance!

With the Testo 330i, you'll be able to test absolutely every aspect of a gas system. This powerful flue gas analyser can measure temperature, draught, pressure, oxygen, carbon monoxide, efficiency, flue gas loss, carbon dioxide and (exclusive to set 3) nitric oxide.

Testo 330i Flue Gas Analyser Key Features

  • Unique design - find out how easy testing flues can be with the 330i
  • Completely hands-free design - includes a TestoFix mount which installs into a system and keeps flue gas probe fixed completely in place without any holding from the user
  • Wirelessly works in tandem with the free Testo Combustion app for your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet
  • View back measurement results, create reports, take photos, email findings and much more with the free app
  • Non-paper documentation - all results saved to your phone or tablet for ease of use
  • Robust, completely sealed plastic housing for use in tough conditions
  • Bluetooth wireless data transfer between app and analyser
  • Longlife sensors with up to 6 year's lifetime (and they can be replaced by the user)
  • Integrated gas and draught zeroing without probe removable
  • Built-in condensate trap
  • Measure oxygen from 0 to 21% volume
  • Measure carbon monoxide from 0 to 4000ppm
  • Measure draught from -0.99 to 40hPa
  • Measure temperature from -40 to 1200°C (depending on thermocouple in probe)
  • Efficiency calculations from 0 to 120%
  • Flue gas loss mode with range from 0 to 99.9%
  • Optional NO sensor available

What's Included?

  • Testo 330i Flue Gas Analyser
  • Modular Flue Gas Probe with 300mm Hose
  • TestoFix Probe Mount
  • Charger
  • Spare Particle Filters
  • Instrument Carrying Case
Technical Specs

Part Code: 0563 3000 72

Testo 330i Technical Specifications

Measurement ParametersMeasuring RangeAccuracy (±1 Digit)Resolution
Temperature (Dependant on the Thermocouple in the Probe) -40 to +1200°C ±0.5°C (0.0 to +100.0°C) ±0.1°C (-40 to +999.9°C)
±0.5% of m.v (remaining range) ±1°C (remaining range)
Draught -9.99 to +40mbar ±0.02mbar or ±5% of m.v (0.50 to +0.60mbar) 0.01mbar
±0.03mbar (+0.61 to +3.00mbar)
±1.5% of m.v (+3.01 to +40.00mbar)
Pressure 0 to 300mbar ±0.5mbar (0.0 to +50.0mbar) 0.1mbar
±1% of m.v (+50.1 to 100.0mbar)
±1.5% of m.v (reaming measurement range)
Oxygen (O2) 0 to 21% volume ±0.2% volume 0.1% volume
CO (Not H2-Compensated) 0 to 4000ppm ±20ppm or ±10% of m.v (0 to 400ppm) 1ppm
±5% of m.v (401 to 2000ppm)
±10% of m.v (remaining range)
CO (Not H2 Compensated) with Activated Measuring Range Extension 0 to 15000ppm ±200ppm or ±20% of m.v (0 to 15000ppm) 1ppm
CO (H2-Compensated) - only available in Set 2 0 to 8000ppm ±10ppm or ±10% of m.v (0 o 200ppm) 1ppm
±20ppm or ±5% of m.v (201 to 2000ppm)
±10% of m.v (2001 to 800ppm)
CO (H2-Compensated) with Activated Measuring Range Extension - Only Available In Set 2 0 to 30000ppm ±200ppm or ±20% of m.v (0 to 30000ppm) 1ppm
Effiency (Eta) 0 to 120% - 0.1%
Flue Gas Loss 0 to 99.9% - 0.1%
CO Determination (Calculation from O2) Display area 0 to CO2 max ±0.2% volume 0.1% volume
NO (Nitrous Oxide) 0 to 3000ppm ±5ppm (0 to 100ppm) 1ppm
±5% of m.v (101 to 2000ppm)
±10% of m.v (2001 to 3000ppm
General Specifications
Compatibility Requires iOS 7.1 or newer/Android 4.3 or newer
Requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0
Storage Temperature -20 to +50°C
Operating Temperature -5 to +45°C
Power Supply Rechargeable battery block: 3.7V / 2.6Ah
Mains unit: 6V / 1.2A (optional)
Memory 500,000 readings
Weight 720g (excluding battery)
Dimensions 270 x 160 x 57mm)
Warranty Instrument, Probe and O2/CO Sensors: 48 months
NO Sensor (Optional): 24 months
Thermcouple + Battery: 12 months

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