The electrical industry is set to change like never before.

Electrical Safety Register

In a move that is designed to create a comprehensive database that brings together the electrical industry, the NICEIC, Electrical Contractors Association and the Electrical Safety Council have announced the introduction of the brand new Electrical Safety Register.

The new register will make sure that information about registered, approved electrical contractors is distributed fairly to home owners and businesses. It's hoped that the move will see a massive reduction in unqualified electricians found working, as it is now easier than ever to obtain information about legitimate, registered electricians.

This is particularly good news for the homeowner, as it means that electrical work done in your home is done by a person or persons who are qualified to do so. Every year thousands of accidents happen as a result of incorrect wiring and electrical negligence, so it is hoped that these figures will be slashed dramatically with the introduction of the new Electrical Safety Register.

On the Electrical Safety Register website, they say: "The aim of the Electrical Safety Register is to protect everyone who uses electricity from unsafe electrical installations. To achieve this, we maintain a register of qualified, competent electricians, assessed by the NICEIC and ELECSA."

For an electrical contractor to be registered on the new register, they must be assessed by either Elecsa or the NICEIC. You can then apply to be listed on the comprehensive database and enter your contact information and location. If someone within your working area then searches within that area, your name and company will appear amongst the listings along with your relevant qualifications. It's great news for those electricians struggling to find work within an area and display their services, and is it something we recommend all Elecsa and NICEIC contractors look into.

ECA president Paul McNaughton said the partnership marked “a new beginning” for electrical contracting.

“There is strength in unity and this alliance unites the key electrical industry players. The sector trade association, the electrical consumer charity and the leading certification body, while providing clarity to the consumer and a consolidated voice to government on common issues.”

For more information about the new Electrical Safety Register, applying to be part of it or to search for a registered contractor, visit the newly launched website.