High Voltage and Industrial

  1. Megger Technical Guide: Testing Self-Powered Relays Using the SVERKER 900

    Self-powered relays are a critical part of your protection system. However, testing self-powered relays in renewable power stations, distribution power plants, and smart grids can be difficult. Helpfully, Megger has created a free technical guide that details how you can test self-powered relays using a Megger SVERKER 900 3-phase Relay & Substation Test System. Continue reading →
  2. Choosing the Correct Size Insulated Glove (PPE)

    Hands are our first point of contact with most things so it should come as no surprise that they make up a significant percentage of workplace injuries: Continue reading →
  3. Why test power quality? Measurements & troubleshooting in practice

    In many industries, electrical power quality and reliability is the most important factor to work efficiently and improve the operation. Continue reading →
  4. How do you detect energy waste to save money?

    While energy expenditure accounts for a significant proportion of a business’s overall operational costs, many companies don`t really know where the energy costs are coming from. Continue reading →
  5. What to know about Arc Flash

    More than 77% of all electrical injuries are caused by arc flash incidents. Continue reading →
  6. Visit PASS Ltd at Middle East Electricity 2019

    Middle East Electricity is the world's leading trade event for the power industry. The show is split into five key sectors – power generation, transmission and distribution, lighting, solar, energy storage and management solutions. Continue reading →
  7. Why Clean Power is Critical to Smooth Operations

    All manufacturers and industries work hard on how to increase productivity, reduce costs and optimise energy use. Continue reading →
  8. Stadiums, Offices or Car Parks….! How to Avoid a Power Cut Failure?

    One thing you don’t expect when visiting a stadium to see a Premier League match or a concert is to be left in darkness with a power cut. Continue reading →
  9. Utilities: Working with Live Electricity

    Responsibility & Management Chain Working with live electricity is a part of transport network and energy distribution companies’ daily operations. Continue reading →
  10. How to detect Corona Discharges in Rail Industry?

    Ofil has manufactured a specific camera called the Ofil DayCor® Rail Corona Inspection System, that is optimised for the railway industry. It is designed to detect corona, arcing and partial discharge automatically, even at high speeds, and can be used to capture videos and images and create on-the-fly report. Continue reading →
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