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  1. Buy a Fluke, Get a Free Fluke

    Buy a fluke get a free fluke Buy a Fluke Get a Free Fluke is Back! Spend £100 or more on any qualified Fluke product between September 1, 2021 and December 15, 2021 and choose a free Fluke Tool/Tester! Get more for your money this Autumn with Fluke! Continue reading →
  2. Mark-10: Aerospace Force & Torque Testing

    Wire crimp pull, spring, and fastener torque testing are just some of the checks critical to ensuring passenger safety and aircraft performance. Mark-10’s force/ torque instruments and test stands are used by a multitude of airlines, militaries, component manufacturers, and aircraft assemblers to carry out key tests and ensure compliance with internal and international standards. Continue reading →
  3. Mark-10 Teams Up with NASA & Franklin High School to Develop Zero Gravity Scale

    Mark-10 is a leading USA manufacturer of force and torque measurement equipment. Since its inception in 1979, Mark-10 has cultivated a proven reputation for innovation; therefore, when they heard that a Franklin (MA) high school needed help with a NASA project, they were only too happy to extend their expertise and donate customised solutions. Continue reading →
  4. Mark-10 Case Study: Assessing Ripeness

    Tinted blue image of an apple being tested for ripeness using a Mark-10 test stand and probe, the text reads 'Food & Beverage Testing Applications: Assessing Ripeness'. Beneath the image is a white box containing Mark-10's logo and the text 'We Are Proud Stockists of Mark-10'. Mark-10 is a USA manufacturer of force and torque measurement instruments established in 1979. In recent years, Mark-10 created a bespoke ripeness-testing solution for an agricultural testing laboratory. The measurement system was designed to improve the accuracy and reliability of testing/ quantifying the ripeness of fruit/ vegetables. The solution has been very effective, enabling the lab to investigate correlations between ripeness and environmental/ agricultural conditions. Continue reading →
  5. Mark-10: Food & Beverage Package Testing

    Image of three lid-less glass bottles above a white box containing Mark-10's logo and the words 'we are proud stockists of Mark-10'. The text on top of the glass bottles reads 'Food & Beverage Testing Applications: Food & Beverage Package Testing' Ensuring that food and drinks packaging/containers provide sufficient seal to preserve freshness while remaining easy to open is crucial to maintaining food safety and reducing waste. Mark-10 has developed an eclectic catalogue of products, including force gauges, torque testers, and test stands, specifically designed to assess the durability and accessibility of packaging. These instruments can be used to measure, amongst other things, the force required to open packets of crisps, the torque necessary to remove threaded bottle caps, and the pressure stacked cartons can withstand. Continue reading →
  6. Megger Technical Guide: Testing Self-Powered Relays Using the SVERKER 900

    Self-powered relays are a critical part of your protection system. However, testing self-powered relays in renewable power stations, distribution power plants, and smart grids can be difficult. Helpfully, Megger has created a free technical guide that details how you can test self-powered relays using a Megger SVERKER 900 3-phase Relay & Substation Test System. Continue reading →
  7. Choosing the Correct Size Insulated Glove (PPE)

    Hands are our first point of contact with most things so it should come as no surprise that they make up a significant percentage of workplace injuries: Continue reading →
  8. Why test power quality? Measurements & troubleshooting in practice

    In many industries, electrical power quality and reliability is the most important factor to work efficiently and improve the operation. Continue reading →
  9. How do you detect energy waste to save money?

    While energy expenditure accounts for a significant proportion of a business’s overall operational costs, many companies don`t really know where the energy costs are coming from. Continue reading →
  10. What to know about Arc Flash

    More than 77% of all electrical injuries are caused by arc flash incidents. Continue reading →
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