1. CoronaVirus and Non-Contact Body Temperature Monitoring Devices

    With the current threat of the new Coronavirus, we wanted to make it quick and easy for those who work within transportation and passenger management roles to quickly find the right products for monitoring and screening passengers and crowds. Non Contact Thermal Imaging and IR Thermometers We have a number of products such as thermal imaging cameras and IR thermometers...
  2. 3 things to remember during IR Thermography Inspection

    I recently came across this useful article on the FLIR website. I thought it was a great reminder for both new and experienced Thermographers on how best to capture the most accurate IR images. Continue reading →
  3. It`s Halloween! Welcome to the thrilling world of Ghost Hunting!

    Thermal Imaging  and Night Vision cameras to detect the paranormal activities Continue reading →
  4. Thermal Cameras for Power Utilities

    Within the utilities sector an efficient operation can`t be maintained without effective maintenance management. Continue reading →
  5. Why the FLIR C3 is the Plumber`s Best Friend

    With a thermal imager like the FLIR C3 in hand, HVAC specialist and plumbing professionals get to see heating and cooling issues in a very different way. Continue reading →
  6. How are Drones Transforming the Insurance Sector?

    Drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles as they are sometimes referred) are just one of the latest pieces of technology helping the insurance sector to deliver faster services, by speeding up assessments and inspections prior to claims being paid out! Continue reading →
  7. FREE Thermal Imaging Training Course, Software and Test & Measurement Tool Offer!

    Now is the best time for you to upgrade your thermal imaging kit. For a limited time only, in conjunction with FLIR, we are giving away some fantastic bundles, adding even more value to your thermal cameras purchase. Continue reading →
  8. Using Thermal Imaging and Night Vision for Pest Control

    Thermal cameras identify heat sources. Body heat given off by small mammals such as mice, rats, or even from a wasps nest can be spotted using a thermal imaging camera. As well as finding the pest you can also use the thermal camera to look for clues. Thermal imaging is brilliant for locating missing insulation in the cavity of a property’s wall. Continue reading →
  9. Why Electrical Contractors Buy Thermal Imaging Cameras

    Thermal imaging cameras have been around for a while now. FLIR's new and improved collection of cameras caters for all users and all budgets, so now is a great time to review what's new and think about adding one to your toolbox. Continue reading →
  10. Battle of the Smartphone Thermal Cameras - FLIR ONE vs Seek Compact

    Considering adding thermal imaging to your repertoire? While FLIR's smartphone thermal camera, the FLIR ONE has been out for a while now and speeding up many a tradesman's day, there's now competition - the Seek Thermal Compact. They may be the new kids on the block, but Seek are hitting the ground running and may well be giving FLIR a run for their money. In this blog, we'll take a look at the Seek Thermal Compact, and the FLIR ONE, to see which is the best option for you Continue reading →
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