1. FREE FLIR Webinar Series

    Do you want to find out more about FLIR’s thermal cameras and how they can be used for condition monitoring applications? Or, how can you use FLIR’s Thermal Studio software to interpret thermal images and create great looking detailed reports? Continue reading →
  2. FLIR Scion Sale: Up to 30% Off Select Models

    Available between the 1st May 2021 and the 30th September 2021, FLIR is offering up to 30% off select Scion OTM and PTM Thermal Imaging Monoculars. Continue reading →
  3. FREE IR Smart Lens with Fluke Thermal Cameras

    Claim a FREE 2x Telephoto Infrared Smart Lens or a Wide Angle Infrared Smart Lens when your buy a Fluke Ti300+, Ti401 Pro, Ti480 Pro, TiX501 or TiX580 Thermal Camara. This offer is valid between the 15th March 2021 and the 30th June 2021. Continue reading →
  4. School Solves Plumbing Problem using Testo 883 Thermal Camera

    Read how Stultumshire Comprehensive School solved an unexpected plumbing problem using a Testo 883 Thermal Camera.
  5. FLIR’s Tips to Avoid the Top Three Home Inspection Mistakes

    Thermal cameras, like FLIR’s E6-XT, E8-XT, E76, E96, T530, T540, and T560, make detecting hidden problems, such as leaking pipes, damp spots, missing insulation, and pests, quick and easy. That’s provided you know how to use them and how to interpret thermal images correctly. FLIR has identified the three biggest mistakes plumbers, builders, and electricians make when carrying out thermal inspections in homes, and has compiled a list of tips that can be implemented to avoid these errors. However, FLIR does stress that the best way to avoid common home inspection mistakes is to undertake a thermography course.[1]   Continue reading →
  6. Thermal Imaging Camera - Trade-In and Save!

    Do you have an old thermal imaging camera? Or, are you ready to upgrade to the latest sleek model and technology? Now is the time to get the camera that you really want. Continue reading →
  7. Five Reasons Plumbers and Heating Engineers Need a Thermal Camera

    Thermal imaging cameras detect infrared energy and convert this into a thermal image allowing you to see the distribution of heat throughout the scene. PASS stocks a range of thermal imaging cameras optimised for building, heating, and plumbing diagnostics, including models by FLIR and Testo. Plumbers and heating engineers use thermal cameras to improve the ease and efficiency of jobs as they provide a fast and simple method of identifying damp, water damage, radiator blockages, and leaking pipes. Read on to discover five ways a thermal imaging camera can help you in your daily work. Continue reading →
  8. Introducing the FLIR C3-X and C5 Thermal Cameras

    Building on the success of the FLIR C2 Pocket-Sized Thermal Camera, FLIR has developed two new, upgraded Cx-series models, the FLIR C3-X (the successor to the C2) and the FLIR C5. These compact cameras are suitable for inspecting and troubleshooting buildings, facilities, and HVAC/R and electrical systems. They can be used to find hidden hotspots on electrical equipment, detect sources of energy waste, and locate HVAC/R issues as well as structural defects. The FLIR C3-X and C5 Thermal Cameras are ideal for electricians, plumbers, and maintenance technicians. Continue reading →
  9. NEW FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software

    The FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software is a newly developed, plug-and-play, turnkey solution specifically designed to detect elevated skin temperature which can be indicative of a fever, a common symptom of many illnesses including COVID-19.[1] This desktop software is easy to use and set up; it is compatible with FLIR’s A400, A700 Exx-, T5xx- and T8xx-series Thermal Cameras. Continue reading →
  10. Which FLIR Thermal Cameras are Suitable for Skin-Temperature Screening?

    FLIR is registered with the US FDA to supply a variety of thermal products suitable for elevated skin temperature (EST) screening; provided that they are used with additional screening tools such as body thermometers.[1] Many FLIR handheld, automated and fixed-mounted thermal imaging cameras, originally purposed for applications such as electrical and building maintenance, condition monitoring, early fire detection and product control, are suitable for skin-temperature screening. These include FLIR’s Exx- and T-series, as well as A320 Tempscreen and A400 and A700 EST Thermal Cameras. Continue reading →
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