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  1. Legionnaires' Disease: Managing the Risk Post Lockdown

    When the UK entered lockdown on the 23rd March 2020 many offices, schools, universities, leisure facilities and tourist attractions were forced to shut. Now, as the UK begins to re-open, concerns of social distancing, hygiene and sanitation have been raised. One such concern is the increased risk of Legionella outbreaks caused by a build-up of Legionella pneumophilia bacteria in the stagnant water systems of buildings that have been closed due to lockdown. Continue reading →
  2. Don`t let the moisture take over you

    This time of the year autumn sneaks into our days and the weather starts to cool down, giving the possibility of condensation. If left untreated we could end up with more serious problems. So what are the main causes of damp and why it happens more in the colder climate? Continue reading →
  3. Which type of Moisture Meters?

    In winter and spring the humidity increases around us; so now can be a good time to consider the importance of moisture meters and their various features. Professional people use moisture meters to measure the moisture in walls, floors, concrete, hay and other materials, as even minor differences in moisture content can cause a big difference in the results of their work. Continue reading →
  4. Make Your Kitchen Safer by Colour-Coding your Thermometers!

    In any busy commercial kitchen where different types of food are prepared, ready to be sold, the risk of cross-contamination between foods is always a problem. Continue reading →
  5. Testing for Optimum Panel Orientation

    In the UK, solar panels produce at full (100%) irradiance if oriented due South at an inclination of 35 degrees while panels facing East or West only produce 79% of the equivalent energy output. However consumption demand peak patterns may now favour East-West orientation. Continue reading →
  6. Factory Sound Metering Helps Avoid Fines

    There is no need to risk fines for breaching noise at work regulations when the cost of compliance is so low. Earlier this month, a Keighley furnishings company was fined after failing to protect its workforce from excessive noise levels on production machinery. Continue reading →
  7. Light Meters from Basic to Advanced

    Light meters are not only for photographers and movie makers. Today they are an important part of the arsenal of lighting engineers, building service professionals and facilities managers who want to be mindful of regulations. It is important to measure light and lux levels in the workplace because low light levels may cause fatigue, muscle strain, and impaired work productivity, while excessive light levels like glare and reflected light can and affect employees’ vision. Continue reading →
  8. Minister for Communities Visits NAPIT Bristol Training Centre

    Minister for Communities and local Bristol West MP Stephen Williams visited the NAPIT Training Centre in Bristol in January 2014 to gain an insight into the life of an electrician and the training that aspiring electricians and sustainable technology installers need to get qualified. Continue reading →
  9. From PE Teacher to £54,000 a Year Solar Installer

    PASS is helping hundreds of trainees throughout the UK to qualify for electrical careers, some of whom include career switchers and people who are reluctant to face uncertain career prospects after completing a university degree. Continue reading →
  10. IR Thermometers Vs Thermal Cameras

    Thousands of applications require the use of temperature - and the maintenance of temperature - in order to work correctly. But which of the most common forms of measurement tool is better for quantifying temperature levels? Continue reading →
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