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  1. Tech Tip: Druck Explains How to Calculate Loop Transmitter Systems’ Requirements & Limitations

    Transmitters emit current loop signal outputs of 4 to 20mA. Industrial systems often utilise transmitters with 4 to 20mA sensor signals because they provide noise immunity, support use with long cable lengths, and require only two-wire connectivity. However, if all the factors of a loop transmitter system are not taken into account the system could fail or have limited functionality. Fortunately, Druck has produced a paper that offers instructions and tips on how to calculate the requirements and limitations of loop transmitter systems. Continue reading →
  2. Ways Businesses Can Save Energy: A White Paper

    Chauvin Arnoux Energy Saving Testers Chauvin Arnoux Energy Saving Testers Energy leaks are economically and environmentally costly. To help businesses maximise energy efficiency, reduce costs and comply with environmental government policies, Chauvin Arnoux has compiled the following white paper: Sound Advice on Saving Energy: Outlining the Path to Sustainability and Energy Efficiency. Continue reading →
  3. FLIR Offers FREE Training for Skin-Temperature Screening

    FLIR has provided a series of FREE short video tutorials (available below) to aid businesses, organisations and screening staff with conducting accurate and reliable skin-temperature checks using FLIR Exx- and T-series Thermal Cameras. These thermal imaging cameras can be installed at building entrances, ports of entry and checkpoints to screen individuals for elevated skin temperature. EST can be suggestive of a fever which is a common symptom of many illnesses including COVID-19.[1] Therefore, these FLIR Exx- and T-series Thermal Cameras can be used alongside other social distancing and hygiene measures to help prevent the spread of infection in public and professional places. Continue reading →
  4. How to Use Handheld or Tripod-Mounted Thermal Cameras for EST-Screening

    As the UK slowly begins to emerge from lockdown, with pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and some leisure facilities and tourist attractions able to re-open in England from the 4th July 2020 (provided they follow COVID Secure Guidelines)[1], it is important that social distancing and hygiene measures are implemented to prevent the potential spread of coronavirus. Skin-temperature-screening thermal imaging cameras offer an innovative, efficient and simple solution to detecting individuals who might have a fever, which is a common symptom of COVID-19.[2] They can be used to conduct non-contact temperature-screening at building entrances. Continue reading →
  5. How to Set Up Hikvision’s Temperature-Screening Thermal Imaging Cameras

    PASS Ltd stocks a large selection of Hikvision Temperature-Screening Thermal Imaging Cameras including handheld, bullet and turret models, as well as combined access-control and temperature-screening solutions. These thermal imaging cameras and solutions are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperature, a common indicator of fever which is a symptom of many illnesses including COVID-19 coronavirus.[1] Continue reading →
  6. Intrinsically Safe Measurement avoids Blasts

    We have covered the issue of intrinsic safety in a previous blog post last June. Now PASS is driving the message forward in the media, recently with a double page editorial feature written by our managing director Barry Atkins on pages 28-29 of the March 2014 Edition of Hazardex magazine, pioneer of hazardous area publishing in the UK. Continue reading →
  7. Basic PAT Testing Comparison Charts

    If you are in the market for a basic PAT tester there are plenty to choose from. Basic PAT testers allow you to perform PAT on most appliances quickly and easily without the need for complicated menus or data entry. This means that testing can be quick and easy. Continue reading →
  8. Industrial FAQ

    Next in our series of FAQs is all things industrial. We will be updating all of our FAQ's as time goes on, so make sure to check back regularly. Continue reading →
  9. Test Lead FAQs

    At PASS we get asked a lot of questions about the products we sell. To help answer these questions we are putting together a range of answers. Continue reading →
  10. PAT Testing Margin Calculator

    With everyone still feeling the pinch of the recession, winning those important PAT testing jobs is more important than ever. It can be very difficult to work out how much you should quote for each individual job and with prices per test said to be ranging from 60p to £3.00 per test how low can you afford to go? Continue reading →
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