If you’re an avid Dragon’s Den fan, chances are you might remember the latest product to hit the cable installation market – the Rapstrap.

Rapstrap first appeared in the public eye in 2008, where the product was demonstrated by its inventor, Andrew Harsley. The inventor walked out of the den with £150,000 for a stake of 50% in his business, and a joint deal was made with Dragons James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne.

Since 2008 the strap has become one of the Den’s biggest success stories, earning millions upon millions of pounds. The device basically is a different solution to the common cable tie, which a lot of often gets wasted as it can’t be re-used after being cut off. In comparison, the Rapstrap allows you to cut off sections and still re-use them, making it a much more useful solution for cable tying.

The company behind Rapstrap has now secured a deal to officially sell the Rapstrap through electrical wholesalers, and hopes that the adoption of the strap over the cable tie will continue into the future.

Rapstrap MD Peter Moule said: “Since launch we have had to limit the outlets we sold Rapstrap through, as production could not keep up with demand and we didn’t want to enter a market and then fail to supply the goods. Rapstrap has concentrated on large OEM deals around the world up to
now, but with increased production capacity, the time is right to sell through to the electrical and computer cabling installer."

If you want to see Rapstrap in action, we recommend you attend an Elex show that is taking place between the 8th and 9th of November 2012. The product will be being demoed there, and you can also view a number of other innovative products there as well.

Check out the Elex site for more information.