2 black GoReusable Bamboo coffee cups are stood on a table in an office. One cup is unboxed and features the PASS Ltd 20 Years Logo; the other is boxed and includes the  GoReusable logo. The text in the bottom-right of the image reads 'Celebrating 20 years Free Eco Cups with orders over £500 on tester.co.uk'. The PASS Ltd 20 Years logo is in the top-right corner of the image.

To celebrate 20 years of trading, throughout July 2021, we’re giving away PASS branded GoReusable.org Bamboo Eco Cups with our special anniversary logo on web orders over £500*. These eco-friendly cups are ideal for when you’re travelling to jobs, working on-site, or trying to look authoritative (top tip: if you’re asked a difficult question, buy yourself some time by taking a sip while you craft your answer). Read on for details of our offer and GoReusable.org’s cups and mission.

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The Offer

Throughout July 2021, to celebrate 20 years of trading, we will be giving away a FREE GoReusable Bamboo Eco Cup with every web order over £500. There are, of course, a few conditions:

  1. Orders must be placed online at tester.co.uk
  2. The order total must be £500 or more
  3. Only one cup will be supplied per order
  4. You must be resident in the UK
  5. This offer is only valid through July 2021 or while stocks last

We have 500 of these cups to give away, so get ordering!

The Cups

GoReusable.org’s Bamboo Eco Cups are made from (surprise, surprise) sustainably grown and rapidly renewable organic bamboo and are free from BPA and phthalates. These light and durable 400ml coffee cups are dishwasher safe, food-safe (UK tested to comply with EU LFGB), and supplied with a non-drip silicone lid and holder, ensuring they are easy to drink from and comfortable to hold.

GoReusable.org, in partnership with the National Forest Foundation, has promised to plant a tree for every coffee cup purchased. We’ve bought 500 cups; that’s 500 trees planted!

Black circular logo with a hand holding a sprouting tree in the middle. The outside text reads '500 Trees Planted with GoReusable.org'.

The Mission

At PASS, we, like everyone else, love coffee and tea. However, it is estimated that around the world, each year, 500 billion coffee cups are discarded after just one use. Furthermore, it’s thought that only 1% of these cups are recycled; the other 99% either end up in landfill sites or litter the environment. GoResusable.org want to address this, and that’s why they’ve designed a lightweight, durable, and ergonomic reusable bamboo cup. Moreover, to help tackle climate change, improve air, soil, and water quality, promote biodiversity, and increase general wellbeing, GoReusable.org has pledged to plant one tree for every Bamboo Eco Cup purchased. They are aiming to #Plant10MillionTrees by December 2025.

Further Information

For more information regarding GoReusable.org’s cups and mission, please visit their website.

To purchase a limited edition PASS Eco Bamboo coffee cup see the coffee cup page.

If you require further details or clarification of our FREE GoReusable Cup offer, please contact our Sales team on 01642 931 329 or via our online form.

*Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last.