Using a barcode scanner with your PAT testing device is a great way to speed up the process of entry and make your testing more efficient.

Before you jump in and look at barcode scanners, it’s worth noting that they’ll only work with a PAT tester that’s capable of storing test data using in-built memory.

The barcode scanner usually plugs directly into your PAT testing device, and is used in combination with barcode labels to easily record the asset number of a particular appliance without any manual entry having to be carried out.

For the practising PAT tester, these devices improve your ability to test dramatically as you don’t have to waste time entering information. For those who repeatedly survey the same areas it also allows you to recall older test data, which can be handy for comparison purposes.

If you own a PAT tester that has the ability to store test data, there’s a good chance there’s a barcode scanner out there for that tester.  Why waste time and effort inputting appliance ID after appliance ID when you can simply scan, store, and start the full PAT test with the minimal of fuss?

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