March 2013

  1. Autoranging and Ghost Voltages

    Many of the devices we sell on are autoranging products, but what exactly does this mean, and what do ghostly voltages have to do with it? Continue reading →
  2. A Megger Way to Teach Changes to the IET Code of Practice

    PASS were delighted to invite test equipment manufacturer Megger into our training facility today (the 22nd of March) to host a series of seminars on the recent changes to the IET Code of Practice. Continue reading →
  3. Understanding Test Equipment Terminology

    Confused by a symbol and not sure what it means? This handy guide should be able to help! Continue reading →
  4. Using Thermal Technology To Detect Wildlife

    Thermal imaging cameras aren't just great for industrial applications like checking over the status of electrical circuitry or analysing the heat loss of a building - they're also great aids for the detection and monitoring of wildlife. Continue reading →
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