April 2018

  1. FREE Thermal Imaging Training Course, Software and Test & Measurement Tool Offer!

    Now is the best time for you to upgrade your thermal imaging kit. For a limited time only, in conjunction with FLIR, we are giving away some fantastic bundles, adding even more value to your thermal cameras purchase. Continue reading →
  2. How to use the latest PAT Technology to improve your business?

    On Friday, 4th May PASS Training and Development (TS18 2BQ) has the pleasure of hosting Seaward for PAT testing Workshop. Continue reading →
  3. How to detect Corona Discharges in Rail Industry?

    Ofil has manufactured a specific camera called the Ofil DayCor® Rail Corona Inspection System, that is optimised for the railway industry. It is designed to detect corona, arcing and partial discharge automatically, even at high speeds, and can be used to capture videos and images and create on-the-fly report. Continue reading →
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