Hands are our first point of contact with most things so it should come as no surprise that they make up a significant percentage of workplace injuries:

  • 43% of reported incidents on exploration and production rigs pertain to hands and fingers[1]
  • 25% of all workplace accidents involve hands and fingers[2]
  • 1/3 of companies report more than 10 work-related hand injuries a year[3]

Wearing the correct PPE can significantly reduce the risk of injury; gloves are an essential part of this and can decrease the possibility of hand injury by up to 60%.[4]

At Tester/ PASS Ltd we stock a wide selection of insulated gloves by leading manufacturers such as CATU and ITL. These gloves are a pivotal part of an electrical engineer’s PPE as they provide an insulative barrier between the individual's skin and the electrical system. Our range of CATU and ITL insulated gloves can be used on low-voltage and high-voltage electrical systems from 500V to 36000V (glove dependent).

As it is necessary to test insulated gloves every six months (at least) to ensure compliance with EN 60903:2003, many of these products are made-to-order and are supplied sealed; therefore it essential to order the right size as unfortunately these gloves cannot be returned.

The following tables and images are designed to help you select the correct size.


To determine the correct glove size CATU’s guide, available here, advises that the individual measure around the widest part of the hand: CATU suggests wrapping the tape around the hand at approximately knuckle level and then folding the hand without clenching it into a fist.

Based on this method of measurement, the tables below provide an approximate size guide. CATU also advises that if the hand measurement is between two sizes, the larger of the two should be ordered.

Women's Glove Sizes

  6" 6.5" 7" 7.5" 8"
Size in cm (Approx.)
15.2 16.5 17.8 19 20.3
Sport Size  XS S M L XL

Men's Glove Sizes

  7.5" 8" 8.5" 9" 9.5" 10"
Size in cm (Approx.)
19 20.3 21.6 22.9 24.1 25.4
Sport Size  XS S M L XL XL


ITL advise the following sizes:

  8 9 10 11
Size (Approx.)
18cm 21cm 24cm 26cm

As illustrated in the graphic below, ITL’s sizes are determined by measuring around the widest part of palm whilst the hand is closed (without excessive clenching).

Under-gloves are often worn to improve comfort and grip. When sizing for an insulated over-glove it is important to consider the extra room required to accommodate an under-glove. To ensure the correct insulated over-glove is ordered, it is best to measure one’s hand whilst wearing the under-glove.

For further information regarding PPE and, in particular, insulated gloves, please contact our sales team via email, info@tester.co.uk, or telephone, 01642 931 329.

To browse our range of ITL and CATU insulated gloves, please follow this link.

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