Got some free time on July 25th and want to learn more about the extended wiring regulations for earth and bonding?

Volitumum is hosting a webinar where they’re talking about the extended 17th edition regulations, as well as asking how and when earth bonding should be installed.  For those unfamiliar with the new regulations this is the perfect opportunity to be educated on the new direction taken in the amendments.


The topics discussed in the webinar will be:

  • What do the wiring regulations actually say about earthing and bonding?
  • When should bonding be installed?
  • What can be used as a circuit protective conductor?
  • What are the proper tests that must be carried out on earthing and bonding?
  • How can proper disconnection be achieved for circuits through the design of the circuit?
  • Does earthing and bonding really need to be installed when plastic pipes are used in the building?

The webinar is open to all and is to be held on July 25th, 2012 at 1-2pm.  You can book your place by visiting Voltimum’s website.

Written by Barry Atkins at