A brand new medical scopemeter from Fluke was announced today, making the troubleshooting of medical equipment even easier.

The 190M Medical ScopeMeter Portable Oscilloscope has been designed to meet the increasing technological demands of the medical industry, where regular innovations bring new and more complex forms of testing equipment out that need constant maintenance.

"Avoiding one unnecessary board change or even half a day of downtime saves a facility more dollars than the entire cost of a 190M," explains Hongbo Chen, Product Manager for Fluke Biomedical. "To minimize downtime and repair costs, you need to get to the root cause of problems as quickly as possible. The 190M Medical ScopeMeter test tool offers a number of unique features that help you quickly set up the scope and diagnose difficult problems like intermittent events, signal fluctuations or drift. Troubleshooting is easier with the 190M."

The oscilloscope is the first of its type on the market with CAT III 1000 V/ CAT IV 600 V rating and has increased deep memory for waveform capture.

For more information on the new oscilloscope and to arrange a demo, go check out Fluke’s site.