Available between the 1st May 2021 and the 30th September 2021, FLIR is offering up to 30% off select Scion OTM and PTM Thermal Imaging Monoculars.

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FLIR Scion Thermal Monoculars

The FLIR Scion Thermal Monoculars are ideal for law enforcement professionals, search and rescue personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts. They feature a powerful FLIR Boson core enabling them to deliver clear thermal imaging at 9Hz or 60Hz. Using a FLIR Scion Monocular you can detect people and wildlife in complete darkness, haze, or bright light. Thermal videos and images are geo-tagged and saved to the FLIR Scion Thermal Monocular and can be played back or transferred between devices using the onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling collaborative operations and fast decision-making. The FLIR Scions' simple-to-use, intuitive interface allows you to make quick in-the-field imaging adjustments, such as changing the colour palette or engaging the Picture-in-Picture mode, ensuring you maintain visuals on your target/subject regardless of surrounding conditions.

To ensure suitability for demanding applications, such as outdoor surveillance, pursuits, and search and rescue operations, as well as wildlife monitoring, the FLIR Scion Thermal Monoculars feature a rugged, water-resistant, IP67-rated casing.

Eligible FLIR Scion OTM Thermal Monoculars

FLIR’s Scion OTM Thermal Monoculars are ideal for farmers, gamekeepers, and wildlife enthusiasts. They can be used to spot and monitor animals. The following models are included in FLIR’s up to 30% off Scion sale:

Eligible FLIR Scion PTM Thermal Monoculars

The FLIR Scion PTM Thermal Monoculars have been specifically designed for law enforcement professionals. To this end, in addition to the standard FLIR Scion features, the PTM models support encrypted streaming of thermal footage, enabling colleagues in command centres to witness and aid with pursuit, evidence recovery, and search and rescue operations. The following FLIR Scion PTM models are included in FLIR’s Scion sale:

Further Information

For more information regarding the aforementioned FLIR Scion models and the FLIR Scion offer, please contact our sales team on 01642 931 329 or via our online form.

In the meantime, please browse our complete range of FLIR law enforcement and security thermal cameras and our selection of FLIR ecology and outdoor thermal monoculars.