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Extech 401027 Pocket Size Foot Candle Light Meter

Extech 401027 Pocket Size Foot Candle Light Meter
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  • Measure light intensity of foot candle units
  • Includes 9V battery, low battery indicator and stand
  • Weighs just 196g

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Extech 401027 Pocket Size Foot Candle Light Meter Details

The Extech Pocket Size Foot Candle Light Meter measures and presents the intensity of light in foot candle units. The light meter is extremely straightforward to use and is very useful when needing to measure basic lighting applications. The meter has two ranges that can be selected: 200.0 and 2000 Fc.

This pocket size foot candle light meter can be used in a variety of spaces; such as, factories, offices, parking lots, hospitals and restaurants and is especially useful when used for ambient testing for archives and collections, within museums or any kind of galleries that are light sensitive. The meter can also be valuable for security light monitoring around office building blocks, demolition sites and particularly areas around cash (ATM) machines.

The Extech Pocket Size Foot Candle Light Meter includes a 9V battery, as well as a helpful low battery indicator, a remote light sensor with a 3.8 ft. cable, as well as a stand which is built in. The 3.5 digit LCD has over range display and the photo–diode sensor has precision colour-correction, which provides 5% accuracy.

The light meter weighs in at 196 g and its dimensions are 131 x 70 x 25 mm (5.2 x 2.8 x 1”). The fact that the light meter is light and small means that it is able to fit inside a pocket really easily, which is extremely convenient for users who may have to carry a lot of equipment. 

Key Features of the Extech 401027 Pocket Size  

  • Easy to operate Foot candle light meter with 2 ranges
  • Convenient pocket size design
  • Overrange indication

Full List of Products Included

  • Extech 401027 Pocket Size Foot Candle Light Meter
  • 9V Battery
  • Remote Light Sensor with 47" (1.2m) Cable
Technical Specs

Part Code: 401027
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