CAT rating

  1. What Are CAT Ratings?

    On the right of the image a DiLog CombiVolt Tester is being proved using a DiLog PU690 Proving Unit. The proving unit is hanging on the wall in a black fabric case with a clear, plastic window through which the PU690 can be seen and accessed. On the left of the image it reads 'What Are CAT Ratings?' in white and yellow block lettering. In summary, CAT ratings are overvoltage categories; they are safety ratings that indicate the types of electrical environments in which test and measurement instruments can be safely used. Understanding these categories is crucial to ensuring that you select the correct tool when working on an electrical installation.[1] Continue reading →
  2. Explaining the CAT Measurement Categories

    If you’ve ever bought electrical equipment, you may have seen that it is often given a safety rating known as ‘CAT’. This is usually defined as one of four categories, and each tells you that the measurement device is suitable in certain situations, but may not be suitable for others. Continue reading →
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