August 2012

  1. 128,000 New Orleans Homes Without Power After Issac Hits

    In the wake of Hurricane Issac, countless homes in New Orleans are without power. Continue reading →
  2. Trade Apprenticeships: Why They're a Viable Alternative To Uni Education

    With rises in tuition fees, going to university seems like an expensive venture that may not result in much gain. Thankfully, there are alternatives, including becoming a trade apprentice. Continue reading →
  3. Electrician Fined For Working on Cannabis Factory

    Although he wasn’t actively involved in drug production, a Burton-based electrician has been fined £500 for helping to set up what was apparently a cannabis factory. Continue reading →
  4. Generating Electricity Using the Human Body

    Gain electrical powers by using Power Felt. Continue reading →
  5. Fluke Announces New Laser Distance Meter Range

    Measuring distances just got better. Continue reading →
  6. Vandals Damage High Voltage Railway Equipment

    After finding that vandals have tampered high-voltage equipment on railway lines, police in the Isle of Man are keen to warn of the dangers of both trains and interacting with dangerous electrical equipment. Continue reading →
  7. The Benefits of LED Lighting

    Looking to find new ways to make your business or home energy-efficient? If you are, you’ve more than likely heard about replacing your lights with LEDs at some point.  What exactly are the benefits of these mystical LED lights though? Continue reading →
  8. Power NI Slashes Price of Electricity by 14%

    Here’s a rare and blissful piece of news – an electricity supplier is actually slashing their prices! Continue reading →
  9. Hitting EU 2012 Targets: Call for More Skilled Workers

    Let's make sure our greenhouse emissions go down, shall we? Continue reading →
  10. Cable Theft Ends In Severe Burns

    Stealing copper didn’t end well for these two. Continue reading →
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