PAT Testers

  1. Understanding Risk Assessments and Test Frequencies

    Risk assessments are a big part of the new changes in the IET Code of Practice, so let’s take a closer look at what risk assessing actually is. Continue reading →
  2. Important Changes to the IET Code of Practice

    The IET Code of Practice has changed – find out what’s going on in this breakdown by the IET. Continue reading →
  3. Free Changes to IET Code of Practice Roadshow

    Want to know more about the changes in the IET Code of Practice 4th Edition? Read on... Continue reading →
  4. IET Code of Practice Revision Out Soon - Be Prepared

    Did you know that the IET is about to change their Code of Practice (COP) for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment this November? Continue reading →
  5. Megger Gives Advice to PAT Testers

    If you’re a PAT tester and are worried about the latest changes to the IET Code of Practice interfering with your work, Megger has some advice for you. Don’t worry. Continue reading →
  6. Barcode Scanners and PAT Testing

    Using a barcode scanner with your PAT testing device is a great way to speed up the process of entry and make your testing more efficient. Continue reading →
  7. The A-Z of PAT Testing

    PAT testing is full of loads of different stuff, so much so that we've found something for every letter of the alphabet! Continue reading →
  8. DJ PAT Tester: How Doing It Yourself Saves You Money

    Give it a PAT and you’re good to go. Continue reading →
  9. 30th of August - Seaward Open Day: Win A PrimeTest 50!

    Come along and meet the PAT Testing experts. PASS are pleased to announce the first of the manufacturer open days at their Stockton on Tees trade counter. Continue reading →
  10. Basic PAT Testing Comparison Charts

    If you are in the market for a basic PAT tester there are plenty to choose from. Basic PAT testers allow you to perform PAT on most appliances quickly and easily without the need for complicated menus or data entry. This means that testing can be quick and easy. Continue reading →

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