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Combined Fuse and Dead Circuit Finder Kit (FFC200/DCF200)

Combined Fuse and Dead Circuit Finder Kit (FFC200/DCF200)

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  • Combination kit includes Socket & See  Fuse Finder & Dead Circuit Tracer
  • Simple to use
  • Audible and visual indicators

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Combined Fuse and Dead Circuit Finder Kit (FFC200/DCF200) Details

This kit features both Socket & See FFCB200 UKA Easy Fuse Finder Kit and Socket & See DCF200 Dead Circuit Finder.

DCF200 Dead Circuit Finder

The DCF200 Dead Circuit Finder is designed to find faulty fuses that are feeding dead circuits, and trace wires through floors and walls up to 50cm away. As well as finding dead circuits, the DCF200 is also capable of detecting a break in the wire, locating the correct wire from a loom and finding circuits by tracing the individual conductor.

The receiver is a simple single-button battery powered device that automatically adjusts to receive signal strength making it quick and simple to use, and has bright easy-to-understand bar-graph LED’s on the front and produces a clear audible indication when a fault is found.

The transmitter, also a simple single-button device, warns of short circuits or hazardous voltages and protects against accidental mains connection up to 440V and will work with or without an earth.

DCF200 Dead Circuit Finder Kit Key Features

  • Find which fuse is feeding the dead circuit
  • Trace wires  through floor and walls
  • Find a wire within a loom/bundle
  • Locate breaks in wires
  • Battery operated
  • Trace cables up to 50cm away
  • Audible and visual indication
  • Auto Scan
  • Simple one-button operation

What’s included?

  • Socket & See DCF200 Transmitter
  • DCF200 Receiver
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carry Case

FFCB200 Easy Fuse Finder

Find fuses and circuit breakers with the FFCB200 Easy Fuse Finder from Socket & See, the transmitter uses dual voltage operation of 50-60Hz / 100 – 250 VAC and uses auto scan so you don’t have to fiddle with controls.

The fuse finder features a self-calibrating microprocessor meaning you get guaranteed accuracy each time. It sounds a clear audible tone when a fuse/circuit breaker is found, as well as displaying a light up signal strength bar-graph on the front of the fuse finder.

A test lead kit is included with the fuse finder for connections to socket outlets, DB’s and lighting circuits.

FFCB200 Easy Fuse Finder Key Features

  • Dual voltage operation 50-60Hz
  • Auto Scan
  • Audible and Visual indicators
  • Works on circuit breakers or fuses

What’s included?

  • FFCB TXA Easy Fuse Finder Transmitter
  • FFCB RCVA Easy Fuse Finder Receiver
  • Mains lead
  • Fused test leads with probes and croc clips
  • Instruction manual,
  • Carry case


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