October 2012

  1. NICEIC Launches Green Deal Help Portal

    The NICEIC is helping both contractors and consumers prepare for the government’s Green Deal scheme by launching a new website this October. Continue reading →
  2. IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Finalists Revealed

    The IET has announced the finalists for its Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards. Continue reading →
  3. What’s the Difference Between RMS and “True” RMS?

    When you use a multimeter to measure an AC voltage or current, the reading on the meter is an "RMS" or "root mean square" reading. We sometimes call the RMS value the "effective value" of an AC voltage or current. By that we mean that the RMS value of an AC voltage or current has the same effect as a...
  4. Explaining the CAT Measurement Categories

    If you’ve ever bought electrical equipment, you may have seen that it is often given a safety rating known as ‘CAT’. This is usually defined as one of four categories, and each tells you that the measurement device is suitable in certain situations, but may not be suitable for others. Continue reading →
  5. Support the NICEIC's Jobs 4 the Girls Campaign!

    Hilary Devey, business tycoon and one of the scary dragons on Dragons Den, is throwing her support behind the NICEIC and their campaign to get more women interested in learning a trade. Continue reading →
  6. Winter's Coming: PAT Test Your Electric Blankets!

    Two yearly testing of electrical blankets flags up some damn scary facts and figures. Continue reading →
  7. Using Data Logging Thermometers to Create a Balanced Workplace Ecosystem

    If you’re working in areas where maintaining the correct temperature at all times is pretty vital, it is important to get quality equipment that tells you when your perfectly balanced environment suddenly shifts in temperature. Continue reading →
  8. Megger Open Day 18th October

    You're sure to have a Megger good time. Continue reading →
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