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  1. Thermal Imaging Reveals Floor Heating Defects

    In a radiant flooring system, heat is provided by hot-water tubes or electric wires installed below the floor. As invisible thermal radiation rises it warms flooring material, which radiates this captured heat in turn. In new buildings with solid floors, the heating pipe is normally embedded in the floor screed. Continue reading →
  2. Illegal Gas Fitter fakes Gas Safety Documents and endangers Lives

    The Health and Safety Executive has notched up a hat trick of prosecutions of illegal gas fitters within the space of a month. Only last week we reported in this blog how an illegal gas fitter endangered a Rotherham family, while last month a Suffolk plumber was given a suspended prison sentence for carrying out illegal and dangerous gas work. Continue reading →
  3. Illegal Gas Fitter endangers Rotherham Family

    Less than a month after a Suffolk plumber was given a suspended prison sentence for carrying out illegal and dangerous gas work, a Rotherham man has been prosecuted after carrying out illegal gas work and putting a family with a young boy at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning or explosion. Continue reading →
  4. Suspended Sentence for Illegal Gas Fitter

    A Suffolk plumber has been given a suspended prison sentence after carrying out illegal and dangerous gas work at a home in Lowestoft. Barry Goodge, 59, from Oulton Broad, attempted to repair a faulty boiler at a home on London Road South on 28 June 2013, despite not being registered with Gas Safe – a legal requirement in the UK. Continue reading →
  5. April 2014 Deadline Looms for Flue Gas Measurement

    Many gas fitters and boiler engineers in the UK may be unaware of new mandatory regulations which will come into effect from April 2014 to measure and record the carbon monoxide (CO) level in the flue gas when a condensing boiler is commissioned. Continue reading →
  6. A Call To Report Illegal Gas Work

    With recent rulings outlining that all engineers working on central heating boilers or space heaters must own a CPA1 qualification, it’s extremely important for the industry to let the Gas Safe Register (GSR) know of any illegal work being carried out. The new rulings on CPA1 (Combustion Performance Analysis) officially came into effect on 1st April 2012, meaning that anyone who hasn’t taken the exam and gained a CPA1 qualification is now currently unqualified to be carrying out installation work. Continue reading →
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