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  1. Anton Launches New App for eVo 3 and V3 Flue Gas Analysers

    Sick of wasting time with paper notes and documentation when commissioning and installing boilers? With an Anton eVo 3 or Sprint V3 and Anton's new app, making paper notes is a thing of the past! Continue reading →
  2. Corrie To Highlight the Dangers of Gas This Christmas

    It’s rare I actually say this (please, don’t throw things) but a soap is to handle a very important issue this Christmas. Continue reading →
  3. Concerns over Gas Safety Awareness in Rented Properties

    Tenants could be at risk – landlords aren’t doing enough to enforce gas safety. Continue reading →
  4. Gas Usage Goes Up As Summer Washout Continues

    Looked outside recently? It's basically the quintessential British summer; it's usually pretty cold out there and probably raining (relentlessly) and as a result, we're all staying in our houses, huddled around our radiators and cranking up the central heating. Continue reading →
  5. Introducing Tester.co.uk

    Whether you’re looking for the latest flue gas analyser, a high accuracy differential pressure meter, a full testing kit or just a handy little accessory for one of your testing devices you’re absolutely sure to find it on Tester.As well as such a large range of testing equipment that it can probably be seen from space, Tester.co.uk also works with some of the world’s leading manufacturers such as Kane, Anton, Fluke, Extech and Testo, bringing you regularly updated new products from other new manufacturers as well. Members of the Tester site also get a number of unique benefits. By signing up to Tester.co.uk you get an instant discount across our entire range of products and access to our customer loyalty scheme where you’ll earn redeemable points on every purchase you make (perfect for grabbing yourself a handy accessory after buying a new piece of equipment!). Continue reading →
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